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Our Team

With firsthand experience in every aspect of the recruitment process, the College Sports Advisors team is uniquely equipped to help every client succeed.

Alban Zohn

Soccer Advisor

An accomplished college and semi-pro soccer player, Alban has competed and coached across the US and Europe, recently completing his MA in Sports Ethics and Integrity. Over the past seven years, he has trained players at the high school, Division I, Division III, and professional level. He is currently in the process of launching a new UPSL club in Brighton.

  • Successful soccer career playing at the high school, college, and semi-professional levels

  • Coached at various clubs in Rochester, NY, as well as Brighton High School and extensive individual training

  • MA in Sports Ethics and Integrity

Jenn Gazzillo

Soccer Advisor

An athlete all her life, Jennifer is a former collegiate student-athlete and dynamic soccer coach. Jennifer graduated from Montclair State University with a MS in Exercise Science and Human Performance in Sports Administration and Coaching, and from Quinnipiac University with her BS in Health Science Studies. For the past 7+ years, Jennifer has been teaching and coaching at the high school level, and works as a strength and conditioning coach for youth, high school, and collegiate athletes. Her comprehensive background has helped her build a deep understanding of the needs, goals, and development required for student-athletes to find success both in the classroom and on the field.

  • Former college soccer player

  • MS in Sports Administration and Coaching, BS in Health Science Studies

  • 7+ years coaching high school teams and working as a strength and conditioning coach for players of all levels

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At CSA, we know that a world-class staff is key to our players' success. We're actively expanding into new regions and sports, and would love to connect with prospective advisors. Please fill out the form below to get in touch.

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