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Curious how CSA can help your family navigate the college recruitment process? Schedule a free consultation call today to discuss a personalized strategy and get expert advice. 

Mark and Sam were always available and I spoke with them on a daily basis regarding every aspect of my son’s recruitment. We couldn’t be happier as a family working with CSA and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a student athlete looking to play a sport in college.


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Sam and Mark were great. I felt like I had an older brother looking out for me every step of the way, but at the same time I had someone to talk to who knew what they were talking about. I appreciate their expert advice and trusting bond we’ve created.


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As a parent, you always try and do whatever you can to help your child succeed. As a parent of an athlete who aspires to be a college baseball player, there comes a time when you need to put your trust in someone else. We put that trust in CSA. We trusted Sam and Mark and they delivered. 

CSA was one of the best decisions I made regarding my son's athletic future. CSA is the best place for an aspiring college baseball player to be. Work hard and they will take care of the rest.



CSA is the best! Without Sam and Mark I don't know where I would be right now in the recruiting process. Sam quickly became a part of the family and was available to talk any time. The relationship we've created is going to last far beyond college! 


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It was great to meet Sam as he guided me and kept me informed throughout the process. CSA took care of all the recruiting while I focused on school and baseball!


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From day one, Sam impressed us with his coaching, skill development and baseball knowledge. Sam spent a considerable amount of time connecting with our son to make sure that he really knew him and his game and what he was looking for at the next level from an academic, geographic, social and athletic perspective. Baseball is a crazy game and it was special to have a personal coach to put things in perspective and be an expert for our son and family throughout the process.

Bottom line is that the coaches/recruiters know and trust Sam and he does his best to have your player seen and understood by the right schools. Thanks again Sam for being an irreplaceable factor in the process and your continued connection and support.



As a parent, you want to help fulfill your child’s dream to be a college athlete; however, we were simply not familiar with the recruitment process. We needed to know that the advice provided to our son was in his best interest. That’s when we were introduced to Sam and Mark from CSA, who helped change everything. 

They coached our son (and us) through the process, setting clear expectations and outlined the rules of engagement. Their level of knowledge was incredible. 

The best part as parents was witnessing the open communication between our son and his advisors. They were there to answer every one of his questions, giving him a resource to understand the process without ever making him feel intimidated. They taught him how to be effectively engaged and guided him to achieve his ultimate goal. 

This is a major life decision. Having their support made this whole experience enjoyable for our family and eliminated the stress of navigating through this unfamiliar process. We are grateful that they were very present without ever overshadowing his involvement. 


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The recruiting process was very confusing and overwhelming for us. That's when RPP referred Sam and Mark from CSA. We were skeptical at first as Chase was definitely headed on the right track but after listening to them we realized how invaluable their service was to give him the advantage he needed and deserved.

Sam and Mark guided us throughout the entire process which actually happened very quickly for us. They were always available for questions and were extremely knowledgeable about what needed to be done to achieve Chase's specific goals. They attended Chase's games and were able to highlight his skills with needed video and helped him communicate effectively with coaches. 

Having Sam and Mark to work with was one of the best decisions we made regarding Chase's baseball future. It made a very stressful situation very easy and we were able to relax and enjoy the process. 


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Sam has always been honest and never sugar coats anything. He has a very long list of personal relationships with college coaches in ALL divisions. He will get your kid into a program for sure. It's not about the money with him like most, he really cares for all his players.

My son has been dealing with an injury for over a year and has been in the transfer portal. Sam has opened over a half dozen doors and my son will definitely be playing ball again. I would say to you, trust his process and take the pressure off yourself.


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