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Why We Hit the Road

Our staff will attend hundreds of games during the 2022 season.

We believe we can not do our job behind a computer screen or desk.

From the outset, we never make guarantees to players or families but promise every client we will have a tremendous commitment to their recruiting process. The significance of attending games goes well beyond scouting and provides an excellent opportunity to build relationships with players and families. Being present during the pressure-packed part of their journey is important to us.

Further, we often talk about how player evaluation is at the heart of everything we do at CSA Baseball. It is our core belief that the recruiting process revolves around that component. While workouts and metric testing have significance, the game is ultimately played on the field.

In order to best evaluate our players, provide feedback regarding development, and discuss their games with college coaches, we must travel every spring, summer, and fall to attend games. Our staff spends countless hours on the road. We scour the east coast from Boston to Atlanta, attending high school games and major events across the summer and fall recruiting periods.

While the skillset is the driver of the recruiting process, attending games allows us to evaluate other important aspects. We look at players’ hustle, body language, interaction with teammates and coaches, and the other things college coaches are looking for in players.

While supporting our players is vital, being there alongside the college coaches to answer questions and have real-time information to pass along to them is also a significant role.

Ultimately, we take the commitment to our players and families very seriously and want to do everything we can to support them throughout this challenging process. The time spent on the road at games and workouts allows us to serve them best and ensure we have the proper strategy to find the right fit for their future!

We can’t wait to hit the road (and skyway) this season to support #teamCSA.


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