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Why I Became a Recruiting Advisor (Sam Sharf)

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

CSA Partner and Director of Baseball Operations, Sam Sharf, reflects on the purpose his work has brought him throughout his accomplished career as a sports recruitment advisor.

Why become a recruiting advisor?

This question has been a central theme for me over the past few weeks as I decided to start College Sports Advisors (CSA). I'm lucky to have been a part of the recruiting processes of hundreds of athletes over the last eight years. I cannot imagine a better time or opportunity to follow my passion and spread my knowledge to families and athletes than through CSA.

I had always dreamed of having a career in baseball, with my childhood goal to pursue a position in the front office of an MLB team. I was fortunate enough to receive an internship with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2011 and secured a job upon graduation within the organization.

During the summer of 2012, I came home to New Jersey to coach a local travel ball team, and it was then that the future in baseball I had expected began to change. Having been part of a Big 10 program as the Director of Baseball Operations for Penn State, I began to understand that my experiences could provide players with better opportunities during the recruiting process. On this same local team, we ended up with six college baseball players, and the MLB offices couldn't match that feeling of helping student-athletes achieve their goals.

Eight years later, having helped hundreds of players through the recruiting process, that feeling hasn't gone away. Each player I've worked with has a unique background, set of experiences, and tools that are exciting to foster, and there aren't many feelings I'd say are better than the phone call I receive once my guys commit.

I've had the pleasure of seeing players with no apparent opportunities have distinguished D3 careers, another player cut from his high school program play D1 baseball in the southeast region, and countless other stories that make this job unique and special. Looking back on the relationships I have formed through my time in the recruiting field is nothing short of a privilege. As I set out starting CSA, the number of former players that have reached out with a call or text message has been overwhelming yet humbling. To me, this is what makes advising more than a job, impacting the lives of student-athletes, and allowing them to chase their dreams.

Our staff will be devoted to the sole purpose of advising players on effective strategies to commit to Universities where they'll thrive. As I always tell players to be "all in" during the process, my approach is no different.

I promise always to be available to our players/families. I look forward to working with all the student-athletes at CSA and playing a vital role in getting them committed. I am excited to hit the road to attend games, workouts, dinners, and whatever it takes to support our players. I have been very fortunate to live out a dream of working in baseball, and the ability to help players succeed in the sport we love is the best "job" I could ever ask for, so let's get to work!


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