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Announcing CSA's Soccer Division

We're thrilled to announce that CSA is now accepting student-athletes for our soccer advisory program! Learn more about our new soccer division below in an exclusive interview with CSA Soccer Advisor Alban Zohn.

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An approach and perspective built on firsthand experience

Alban began his career as a college and semi-professional soccer player, playing competitively on teams across the US and Europe. During his time overseas, he completed an MA in Sports Ethics and Integrity.

The master's program I joined was part of a new initiative in Europe, with the goal of training what's known as Sports Integrity Officers. Essentially the idea is to have these officers bring their philosophical underpinnings to sports sectors where they can make an impact - journalism, sports governance, coaching. I found my passion and niche was developing players and helping them get from Point A to Point B.

After seven years of coaching and advising players from the high school to professional level, Alban decided to pursue the next chapter in his career with CSA, where he's currently spearheading our new soccer division.

I knew I loved advising, but what stood out to me with CSA was the ethical foundation to their work. There's inherently an asymmetry of information between college coaches and players, and I feel there's a duty to help student-athletes navigate that process. I would say the CSA difference lies in this holistic approach. It's more to them than just a job, it's something they truly believe in.

Alban is currently accepting evaluations with new student-athletes, and brings his experience and multifaceted approach to each of these partnerships.

My philosophy is to blend the CSA approach with my own to give our student-athletes a truly one-of-a-kind service. First of all, be proactive. You have to get started early if you think this is something you want to do. Always be inquisitive, and make sure you understand where you want to be and how you'll work towards getting there. And in everything you do, work hard. The level of excellence is getting higher every year, and you have to be committed to doing what it takes.

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